princess (noun): a usually attractive girl or woman who is treated with special attention and kindness.

While not of royal descent, I am a princess of my own right. I command the same respect that one would give to a royal. You will keep this in mind at all times. This is My world, and you should consider yourself lucky to have just a glimpse of it.

My rules
By entering this site, you agree to follow My rules. Don't worry, I've kept the list short and the rules simple, so you shouldn't have any trouble keeping to them.
  • You will offer (that means "give") a tribute to me whenever you desire to be considered for any of My attention.
  • You will be generous in your offerings.
  • You will spoil Me rotten.
  • You will open your wallet.
  • You will dig deep into your pockets.
  • You will not waste My time.
It all boils down to two points: you will obey Me, and you will spoil Me. That's the whole point, isn't it? Aren't you craving a Princess to spoil and serve? Don't you want it to be real, serving and spoiling a Princess in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, I will notice your service and tributes and smile?

So, if I say "buy Me a massage," you won't even close the e-mail message before you visit My tribute page to obey. If I say "ooo, those Marciano Amori boots would be fabulous on My feet," you won't count the cost, you'll just leap to get them for Me before one of My many other servants does.

Remember, if you don't obey Me, you will be ignored and blacklisted; if you do obey, then perhaps, just perhaps, I will notice that you exist.

My likes and dislikes
Here is a partial list of My likes and dislikes. The devoted servant will keep this at hand for the time when I deign to notice him -- you wouldn't want to offend Me on such a special occasion, would you?


  • being a spoiled princess
  • shopping
  • collecting gifts from you
  • all things wicked
  • staying fit
  • traveling
  • the color pink
  • expensive shoes
  • having my boots shined
  • flowers
  • art
  • designer clothing
  • the scent and feel of leather on my skin
  • the shine of latex
  • servants in kilts
  • the feel of my Cat in my hand, and
  • rainy days.
  • people who don't buy me gifts
Required Giving Days
Anyone who wishes to be one of My devotees must record five dates in his calendar:
  • September 1st,
  • September 22nd,
  • December 25th,
  • February 14th, and
  • June 21st,
These are the Established Tribute Giving Occasions, the most important days of the year for My devotees. Each and every one of you will be certain to send Me something fabulous for each of these days. The consequences for failure are dire.

You don't need to wait for an ETGO to give, though, My little devotee. Nothing is more likely to bring a smile to My face than a truly fabulous tribute offering on an ordinary day. Such unexpected signs of devotion always warm my heart, and the devotee who does that is a lucky one indeed.

Important shopping information
I am growing tired of having return clothes and shoes because the dumbass sender was too lazy or too stupid to order the correct size. (You know who you are. Believe Me, you do not want to take that path to get My attention.) Do not waste my time.

A devoted servant would figure out the sizing by studying My shopping lists, but even the lamest of you should be keeping the email message I send that has that information.

So this does not happen again, here is the important sizing information. Bookmark this!

Christian Louboutin size
Seven. That holds true for Stuart Weitzman and Cavali, too.
Versace dress size
Six. Six or "small" for others.
Corset size
Twenty-four. Thirty-eight at Shaper.
Glove size
Repeat after me, "S-7 D-8 C-24 G-7." I do not respond kindly to mistakes, and you would hate to have to explain the ink, reading the above, on your forehead to employers and family. Not that I care if you can explain it or not -- I just expect that you pay attention to detail, or get lost.